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French and Art Class in Paris

Get the most of your stay in the Capital, learn French all by having fun with activities in Paris!

French Lessons & Art Class

If you are visiting Paris and are inspired to paint like Renoir, Monnet or Degas, why not combine your love of Art with learning French.

In FAYLI’s microgroup class, you will learn about French Art, French culture and French Art terminology.  You’ll also discover different styles and methods, helping you to speak confidently on the topic…and in French, no less!

Our micro-group intensive French classes focus on the development of oral skills in social and practical environments. They are designed for people who want to improve their understanding and speaking abilities through interactive experiences.

During class, you will rapidly improve your communication skills in a variety of everyday situations. You will work on grammar and vocabulary on a given theme, as well as polish your pronunciation while doing real-life exercises. We use innovative education materials, including videos and e-learning, to maximize your exposure to the language and help you progress efficiently and rapidly.

Following the French lesson, you spend the afternoon at an Artists studio, just 15 minutes away from our school, where you’ll discover new techniques and ideas to inspire you and to let your creativity flow. Your instructors can also speak English.

French lessons fully customized

Prefer to take French lessons in an intimate private setting? That’s available too.

Private Individual lessons take place entirely at your convenience. Lessons can be scheduled from 7am – 9pm, everyday including weekends and public holidays.  We’ll come to your office or home, or you can come to one of our classrooms in the Marais. If you like, you can even have lessons at your favorite spot in Paris, be in a cozy café, bustling market or while strolling through the other practical places in Paris. It’s your lesson; it’s your choice. Your teacher can also either pick you up or drop you off exactly on time for your wine tasting lesson.

Let us know your wishes and itinerary and we’ll do the rest to organize everything just the way you like it!

Micro-Group + 1 Art ClassPer week
9.15am-10.45am€ 290
9.15am-12.45pm€ 439
Additional Art Class40€/ 2h lesson
Private French class and 1 Art Class 3h30 From 150€
  Discover new tastes and new recipes based on local and typical products, while practicing French in a relaxed atmosphere, easing spontaneous conversation.

  • Full Morning micro-group class at French As You Like It with thematic contents related to French gastronomy (9.15am-12.45pm)+ afternoon of cooking lessons (2-5pm)
  • Private French lessons to take at your convenience

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Want a French language course that fits in with your availability, location, and French level? Specific requirements? Questions about our French teaching methods? We will create a tailor-made program for you as soon as possible following your needs and expectations. Our center is located at : 46, Rue Saint Antoine 75004 Paris Call us: +33 (0)1 850 990 14 Email: info@frenchasyoulikeit.com (Reply within 24 hours )

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