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Paris’s leading boutique French language school

French As You Like It offers a personable, individualized approach to learning French in the heart of Paris.  It’s our mission to help you achieve your French learning goals as fast as possible.

French As You Like It, the leading boutique French language school in Paris, offers customized private French lessons crafted exclusively with your goals, needs and purpose in mind.  No cookie-cutter classes here: creating the French course that brings the best results for you is our top priority.

In addition to private lessons, we offer micro-group weekly intensive courses. With no more than 4 students per class, our fun, friendly and highly experienced teachers take pride in ensuring that each student advances consistently throughout the course by receiving ample personal attention and opportunities to speak and converse in French.

At French As You Like It, our entire team is committed to making certain that your French learning experience is exactly what you want and need it to be.  Contact us today to learn more or register for our classes!

Our Story

Like many of our students’ stories, ours is an expat tale…

In 1999, Marguerite Monnier our founder, a French native from Brittany was working as a Product manager in San Francisco when American collaborators began asking her for help with their French. She agreed and found she enjoyed introducing her native language to people eager to learn it.

When Marguerite moved to Paris for the first time in 2006, she felt thrown off-kilter by the rhythms and challenges of Parisian life.  But the experience gave her an idea…

What if she created a tutoring program that allowed visitors and expats to learn both French and more about Parisian culture at the same time?

It wouldn’t be like other programs that stuck to textbook formulas. Instead, it would be a fun yet practical program that would instill the language and wisdom newcomers need to make the most of Paris. It would also offer highly flexible lesson times to cater to the needs of busy people.

Marguerite began developing over 100 lesson plans tailored to different sites around the city, from farmer’s markets to museums and even government buildings. Her first clients were thrilled by this novel yet effective approach to learning French. After six months, her private lessons were so popular that she had to hire Parisian teachers to meet demand.

Et voilà, just like that, French As You Like It was born.

Our Clients

Since 2006, French As You Like It has helped more than 1,000 students improve their French.

We’ve enjoyed tutoring people of hugely diverse backgrounds, from business executives, celebrities and stay-at-home parents to tourists and university students.

In 2009 we created French As Kids Like It. It’s a fun introduction to French for children aged 3 to 16. Today, about a third of our students are children.

Our Latest News

In 2014 we launched FAYLI Intensive Immersion French classes. Here, students can quickly raise their oral French level working in small, intense groups of just four or less, matched by skill level and interests.

Our teachers and methods have also spread nationwide, with private French lessons offered in some of France’s major cities including Nice, Cannes and Marseilles.

Are you ready to improve your French with our innovative and fun techniques?

We’re ready when you are. Talk to us or drop us a line today.

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