« French As You Like It n’est pas seulement une école de langues, nous vous donnons les outils pour vivre votre français en France car


Marguerite Monnier, Directrice

Nos cours

Vous obtiendrez un suivi pédagogique régulier de vos professeurs. Sollicitez notre équipe pédagogique et contactez les autres étudiants à n’importe quel moment.

Ainsi vous réussirez en France.

Why French as you like It ?

Pourquoi French as you like It ?

C’est parce que vous avez le choix d’apprendre à l’école ou chez vous, à votre travail, à votre hôtel, dans un café, où vous voulez.

L’étudiant peut apprendre à l’école ou chez lui, à son travail, à son hôtel, dans un café, où il souhaite; ou en ligne !

Nous proposons des cours 7 jours sur 7 de 8h00 à 21h, week-ends et jours fériés inclus. En somme, quand l’étudiant est libre.

Nos programmes pédagogiques sont personnalisés en fonction du niveau, progression et objectifs de l’élève

Tous nos cours font l’objet d’un suivi pédagogique en ligne de la part de nos professeurs.

Nos professeurs sont parisiens et tous diplômés avec des années d’expérience auprès d’un public allant des enfants aux hommes d’affaires.

L’étudiant aura un accès libre aux plannings de cours, aux tests de français, aux évaluations et rappels de cours en ligne, au moment où il en aura besoin.

Notre support administratif peut assister pour des recherches de logements ou procédures légales

French As You Like It propose des méthodes d’apprentissage efficaces pour maîtriser le français. Vous atteindrez d’autant plus vite vos objectifs personnels

Notre école se situe en plein centre historique de Paris. Nos cours sont élaborés pour les professionnels, les étudiants, les expatriés, les touristes, les enfants et les familles. Nous sommes conscients qu’il est parfois difficile pour les non francophones de s’adapter à la France.

Alors, en alternative des leçons conventionnelles habituelles, nous nous adaptons au mode de vie et d’apprentissage de l’étudiant et proposons des cours et des professeurs en fonction de la progression de l’élève.

French As You Like It to learn French
French classes for children and families

Familles et enfants

Français pour familles, amis, collègues en format groupe et individuels

Private french lesson in Paris

Cours individuel

A la carte : en face à face, en ligne, en petits groupes privé

French group classes in Paris

Cours de microgroupe

Cours intensif le matin, le soir à l’école ou en ligne

French classes for Professionals

Français pour professionnels

Communication d’entreprise orale et écrite, français spécialisé

Pourquoi sommes nous la seule école de français dans Paris centre avec un avis 5 étoiles ?

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Based on 70 reviews.
Oluseun o
We found the school online after a thorough search to find a school that would meet my daughter’s needs. She is an intermediate French learner preparing for her GCSEs in 2yrs. FAYLI team have given her confidence to converse better in French with improved vocabulary. This is her second week stint here (1st one about 6weeks ago) and she has really enjoyed the 1:1 tuition provided. The teachers are very professional but also amiable. They have been very flexible to work around our schedule (we seize the opportunity to have a rest as well whilst on holiday in Paris). One of her lessons included a practical session at the street market where she learnt to by items communicating in French. We look forward to many more sessions with FAYLI. Thank you team FAYLI.
Christine Leuthold
Lovely people, warm and welcoming staff and surroundings and engaging students… in a perfect and central location. The small group format is perfect for putting learning into practice!
Angie Conroy
I am 62 and I came to Paris for 2 months to work on my French and my cooking. The staff at FAYLI was beyond accomodating and kind . I feel like my French has definitely improved and I have some basic skills to continue my efforts at home. I HIGHLY recommend this language school. I will miss you all when I return home.
Keith “Keithtanyc” Tanyc
I’ve taken both private and small group sessions here and have been very happy with the professionalism of the teachers and the staff. I highly recommend it to others.
Melanie Bavaria
Excellent language school. I love how the classes could be tailored week to week and the small group sizes. Alexie, the instructor for the B1/B2 group class, is awesome! One of the best French instructors I have ever had. Really everyone who works there is incredibly kind and helpful. Highly recommend.
Julia Preston
French As You Like It is an wonderful French school that I strongly recommend for all levels of French speakers who are hoping to improve their language skills. I participated in the group classes where I had the opportunity to converse with peers and also receive specialized support from the teacher. The team at FAYLI truly cares about helping you meet your French learning goals and will support you through the experience. In my first week, I felt that I was in a class a bit too advanced for my level. The team at FAYLI was incredibly understanding and flexible - they listened to my concern and offered me an additional week of classes at a reduced rate. This is an excellent learning environment and my French has definitely advanced. I cannot recommend this school enough - if you want to improve your French language skills, go to FAYLI!
Lauren R
It really depends on who your teacher is. I attended for 1 month during the summer of 2020. I would not recommend this place for beginners. My class was for “beginners”, but we had an array of different level students. I remember an advanced student who would get frustrated and answer&correct the beginner level students when answering questions or reading. Then there would be moments where the advanced student and teacher has full on conversations while others just sat and stared. I had 2 different teachers during my 4 weeks there and the teaching method was day and night! My first two weeks, Everyday the lessons went over my head… there was no structure and each day would be a different topic or lesson. Nothing stuck and I felt confused everyday. Then the last two weeks, we had a different teacher and it was structured and every lesson was built upon the last lesson. I knew what to study and I learned from each lesson. We went over what we learned in a way you memorized it. So it really depends on the teacher. I had Alexi for my last 2 weeks.