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French and internship in Paris

Get the most of your stay in the Capital, learn French all by having fun with activities in Paris!

Discover the French job market !

Take the Opportunity to learn French and Discover the French Job Market!  We can help you organize both an internship with a French company and a French language program that focuses on the language you’ll need for the internship.  With this winning combination, you’ll increase your professional opportunities, get a head start in your career, learn about French business customs, and improve your French-speaking skills immensely.

We will help you to organize your internship with a French company based around your area of interest or study, be it fashion, communications, Marketing, technology and many other areas.

Tailor made French courses

Take the Opportunity to discover the French Job Market !

French As You Like It partners with a placement agency that will find the dream internship adapted to your needs and area of study

Relevant fields include: tourism industry, gastronomy, business, communications, marketing, law, journalism, public relations, fashion, arts and more.

Prior to your internship, you’ll take 8-10 weeks of micro-group French lessons with FAYLI, concentrating particularly on the language and terminology relevant to your field. Among other things, you’ll have the opportunity to role-play and learn to use French in professional situations. By the time you begin your internship, you feel more confident speaking French, especially in your particular niche.

You need to obtain the internship agreement issued from your university. In order to arrange an internship, your complete dossier must be sent to the school at least 2 months prior to your arrival in France.

Micro-Group French ClassesPer week
9.15am-10.45am€ 250
9.15am-12.45pm€ 399

Stage In Paris

Micro-Group + 1 Cooking LessonService Costs
 9 Weeks Internship€ 750
Request for ‘Convention de Stage‘€ 900
Internship Arrangement + Request for ‘Convention’€ 1500

…Whenever you like

Lessons can be scheduled anytime between 7am- 9pm every day, including weekends and public holidays and we are usually able to accommodate you. There is a 90 minute minimum duration for classes.

…Wherever you like

Your home, workplace, or a FAYLI school room can serve as your classroom. Having Paris as your classroom is also a popular option: you’ll learn French in real-life situations as you and your teacher explore the city.

… As often as you like

From a single private lesson to an ongoing program, we can accommodate you. You may also choose to create a program that combines both one-on-one French lessons and intensive weekly micro-group. It’s up to you.

Professional French Teachers

To facilitate your rapid progress, we conduct a pre-screening of your language abilities, interests and objectives before your first lesson. You’ll then be carefully paired with one of our highly experienced French teachers. All our teachers are Parisian natives who don’t just teach you French, but put the language in context by giving you valuable insight into Parisian life and culture.

Cancellation Policy

You may use the class hours you paid for as you wish. The only restriction is if you need to cancel, you must do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled class the business day before, otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.

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Please read our private lesson cancellation policy.


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Reasons for Studying and Goal

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Want a French language course that fits in with your availability, location, and French level? Specific requirements? Questions about our French teaching methods? We will create a tailor-made program for you as soon as possible following your needs and expectations. Our center is located at : 46, Rue Saint Antoine 75004 Paris Call us: +33 (0)1 850 990 14 Email: info@frenchasyoulikeit.com (Reply within 24 hours )

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