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Intimate group French lessons for intensive learning. We aim to improve your spoken French as rapidly as possible.

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Improve Your Fluency in French – Fast!

Our intensive micro group French lessons course is specially designed to improve your fluency, boost your vocabulary and sharpen your pronunciation while speaking on a range of everyday topics, all in a comfortable small group setting.

Micro-group Morning Intensive French Lessons

We limit our class size to a maximum of 6 students to ensure that each student can receive a personalized education program, play an active role in class, and have ample opportunity to speak!

Our focus is on a dynamic approach to improving language performance in speaking situations. This program is practice based using quasi authentic situations. These classes run from beginner through advanced French levels; the primary focus of this course is development of oral skills. Micro-Group classes run mornings 9.15am to 10.45am or 9.15am to 12.45pm. If you wish, you can take additional individual lessons in the afternoons to further work on any weaknesses or take advantage of our afternoon activities of cooking classes, wine tasting courses, Art Classes or photography courses.

During class, you will rapidly improve your communication skills in a variety of everyday situations and lessons are divided in two parts: the first concentrates on the improvement of the grammar and acquisition of vocabulary on a different theme each day; the second focuses on enhancing oral skills through role-play and interactive exercises using innovative education materials, including videos and other modern support materials to maximize your exposure to the language and help you progress efficiently and rapidly. They are designed for people who want to improve their understanding and speaking abilities through interactive experiences.

Intensive French Classes to Develop your French Fast!

Wish you spoke and understood French better? Our micro-group intensive French course puts sharp focus on the development of oral skills. These classes are designed for anyone visitors, families, expats, students or professionals seeking to speak French with greater ease, accuracy and confidence, as fast as possible

In these micro-group classes, our experienced French teachers will help you improve your communication in a variety of everyday and social situations, from buying cheese at the market to making small talk at a party.

In addition, you will:

  • Work on grammar and vocabulary on a given theme during your morning sessions
  • Polish your pronunciation through exercises
  • Practice speaking French in real-life settings around Paris in the afternoon
  • Increase your reaction/response to spoken French
  • Use innovative materials, including videos and e-learning to improve your French

Along with all class and writing materials, mineral water, Juice, Tea, coffee, fresh fruit, fresh backed viennoiserie (French pastries), biscuits and other treats are provided daily, free of charge, to keep you refreshed and alert during your classes.

Micro Group French classes

 € Per week
 Weekly « Mid-morning » course Monday to Friday :

9:15am – 10:45am

 Weekly Morning course Monday to Friday :

9:15am – 12:45pm



*Classes from High Beginner to Advanced, limited to 6 students


Classses take place Monday through Friday, starting at 9.15am each morning and finishing at either 10:45pm or 12:45pm depending if you are taking Mid morning or full morning classes.


Lessons take place at French As You Like It’s classroom: Espace Altura, 46 rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 Paris. View on Google Maps.

… As often as you like

From a single week of classes to an ongoing program, we can accommodate you. You may also choose to create a program that combines both one-on-one French lessons and intensive weekly micro-group. It’s up to you.

Professional French Teachers

To facilitate your rapid progress, we conduct a pre-screening of your language abilities, interests and objectives before your first class. You’ll then be carefully paired with a group of your level and our highly experienced French teachers. All our teachers are Parisian natives who don’t just teach you French, but put the language in context by giving you valuable insight into Parisian life and culture.

Cancellation Policy

You may use the class hours you paid for as you wish. The only restriction is if you need to cancel, you must do so at least 24 hours before your scheduled class the business day before, otherwise you will be charged for the lesson.



  • Full Morning micro-group class at French As You Like It with thematic contents related to French gastronomy (9.15am-12.45pm)+ afternoon of cooking lessons (2-5pm)
  • Private French lessons to take at your convenience

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French Studies

How long have you formally studied French?

When was the last time you were enrolled in a French language class?

Language Level

It is important that you answer the following questions as accurately and honestly as possible in order to enable us to place you in the appropriate class.

Please choose the sentence that most closely describes your speaking abilities:

 I have never taken French or I have forgotten everything that I learned and I need to start again. I can introduce myself and ask/answer Comment allez-vous? but that’s as far as my conversational skills go. I can conjugate être & avoir without too much difficulty and am familiar with regular -er verbs. I can (slowly) ask and answer short questions in predictable situations such as getting directions, ordering in a restaurant, introductions, etc. I can conjugate être, avoir and the present tense of regular verbs without too much difficulty, but I’m not very comfortable with irregular verbs. I can understand and formulate very simple sentences in a classroom setting. I am comfortable using être, avoir and the present tense of regular verbs in conversation and fairly comfortable with irregular verbs but need to work on it. I can speak with relative confidence about day-to-day topics in the present tense and a bit in the past tense but get stuck on the irregular verbs. I can engage in an extended conversation in class, but get lost when speaking outside class with native French speakers. I am comfortable speaking in the present and pretty comfortable speaking in the past tense but it’s not always 100% accurate especially the difference between the imparfait and the passé composé!! My listening comprehension is good but I lack confidence engaging with native French speaker. I am very comfortable using all of the indicative tenses in conversation but I may need some review and the subjunctive is still a mystery to me! I can engage in simple conversation with native speakers as long as they don't go too fast and use basic vocabulary. I am very comfortable using all of the indicative tenses and am familiar with the more complex tenses (subjunctive, conditional, past conditional, etc.), but I’m not comfortable using them in conversation. I am comfortable speaking about most topics and can engage in more complex conversation with native speakers, although I may get lost and still make mistakes. I can apply the more complex tenses (subjunctive, conditional, past conditional, etc.) in their most common usages but need some review to develop more accuracy. I am able to use all tenses with at least 75% accuracy in conversation and am able to talk about any topic although I lack sophisticated vocabulary and still make little mistakes. I speak comfortably and rarely don't understand, yet people always know I am not a native speaker. I speak almost like a native speaker and can be confused for one.

Please give any additional information that you think would help us with your level placement.

Do you speak any other foreign language(s)? If so, which one(s) and at what level?


Please let us know what your typical availability is each day. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

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Bonjour! Welcome to French As You Like It!

Below are the times of our micro-group French classes which run daily, Monday through Friday and are at all levels from Low Beginner to intermediate French. Choose from one of the below or fill out our self-evaluation form and we will be glad to help you identify your level and send you information on existing classes with open enrollment!

LOW BEGINNER FRENCH CLASSES: Students must know the conjugation and uses of être, avoir and present tense of regular verbs. Group will work with present tense of irregular verbs and developing conversation skills.


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 Mornings Monday to Friday: 9.15am-12,45pm (15 lessons per week) Full day: Monday to Friday: 9,15am-4,15pm

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Not sure about your level? Don't see a class that fits your schedule? No problem! Just fill out our self-evaluation form (Evaluate my level above) and we will be glad to help you identify your level and send you information on existing classes with open enrollment!


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Want a French language course that fits in with your availability, location, and French level? Specific requirements? Questions about our French teaching methods? We will create a tailor-made program for you as soon as possible following your needs and expectations. Our center is located at : 46, Rue Saint Antoine 75004 Paris Call us: +33 (0)1 850 990 14 Email: info@frenchasyoulikeit.com (Reply within 24 hours )

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