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Private French lessons
ONLINE French classes

Learn how you like, where you like,
when you like, as fast as you like
with qualified tutors you’ll like right away.

Get regular, scheduled follow-up and support
from your tutors, and students like you
Access your notes, tests, timetables, and lesson reminders online, whenever you like.
And live in France as you like it.

Private French Lessons

One-on-one tutoring, defined groups and online Skype lessons.

Micro-group Classes

Morning, evening general French and conversation, weekend.

French For Professionals

Business oral & written communication, specialised French

French For Families & Children

French for families, children & friends, groups and immersive.

Other Locations

French lessons in Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Lyon Private & small private groups

Marguerite Monnier and Simon Murphy

French As You Like It is the most flexible and fastest way to learn French in France. Therefore, the most efficient way to get the most out of France.

Our boutique French school is right here in Paris’s historic centre. Our courses are designed for professionals, students, expatriates, tourists and families. But we also know that adjusting to France can be a busy time.

So instead of a routine of standard lessons that rules your life, we let the way you live determine how you learn. We tailor our lessons, tutors and pace to you.


It’s why you can either learn here at the school, or have a tutor come to you. At work, at home, at a hotel, in a café, wherever suits.

It’s why we offer lessons 7 days a week from 7 am to 9 pm, including weekends and bank holidays. In short, when you’re free to do them.

It’s why our course is tailored to the level you need, and when you need to get there.

It’s why every course comes with regular, scheduled online follow-up from your tutor, and feedback from students at the school.

It’s why our tutors are native Parisians, with Master’s degrees and years of experience working with students from toddlers to top executives.

It’s why you’ll have access to course admin, lesson schedules, French level tests, class notes and lesson reminders, online, just when you need them. We can even help you find accommodation here in Paris, and print any official documents.

Student learning French

French As You Like It. We're here to let you get what you want out of France

Micro group French lessons Paris

Located in the Marais, the historic heart of Paris, our boutique French school is a few steps away from shops, restaurants, monuments ideal for those who want to learn in the best cultural environment.

Each of our teachers holds a Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language.
All Parisians, they don’t just teach you French, but put the language in context by giving you valuable insight into Parisian life and culture.

Our teaching methodology is designed to bridge the best in learning strategy and its practical application. We follow the language globalscale as a tool reference.
To facilitate your rapid progress, we conduct a pre-screening of your language abilities, interests and objectives before your first lesson. You’ll then be carefully paired with one of our highly experienced French teachers.

Glimpses of lessons at FAYLI

Wondering what our lessons are like, here's a glimpse of our small group classes being held at FAYLI campus!

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