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Creative Gardening in French


SpeakerIconClick to hear the French garden vocabulary! Gardening and The Grand Palais

We’re pleased to welcome Clémence Dangles from the Paris Creators Studio as a guest blogger. The Paris Creators Studio offers a selection of unusual and inventive classes for English speaking Parisians and English speaking tourists.  

It’s spring time (not joking…) and what most of us miss in Paris is a garden!  A garden to relax, escape, dream and also to express our creativity! Feel like wandering around the jungle, in an impressionism garden, or a Japanese one?  Follow us to the Grand Palais!

The Grand Palais is hosting the exhibition “L’Art du Jardin” (May 31st – June 3rd) where artisans, landscapers, nurserymen, horticulturists, architects and artists have created around thirty “vegetated pictures”.

IMG_4084Manoli Gonzales, also known as Une Autre Lumière, is one of Paris Creators Studio’s artists and is in the exhibition.  Her work, inspired by nature, totally blends in with the trees and plants. She has installed different type of ceramics in two locations of the exhibition. The first are ceramic flowers, simply planted amongst lavenders pots, almost waiting for the wind to blow away their petals. The second are strips of ceramic; bark prints hung one above the other gently dangling along a sort of silvered grey pine tree. All these beautiful creations are made of porcelain, created in her studio located in the Vexin countryside. Each piece is unique and tells the story of the tree or a plant that gave it its print.

Rush to the Grand Palais to learn the names of trees and plants in French with French As you Like It and visit our website to learn more about our upcoming arts and craft classes at the Paris Creators Studio.

Here is a short text about the exhibit and gardening vocabulary to get you started:

Après dix ans d’absence, L’Art du Jardin renait dans la Nef du Grand Palais du 31 mai au 3 juin 2013, pour le grand bonheur des amoureux des jardins. Le salon rend hommage à l’excellence de la création paysagère contemporaine dans un décor de jardins alliant Savoir-faire et Art de Vivre.

L’Art du Jardin accueille les visiteurs autour de jardins originaux et créatifs évoquant des thèmes divers. Tous les acteurs de l’univers végétal sont représentés : artisans, paysagistes, pépiniéristes, horticulteurs, spécialistes de la décoration et de l’aménagement, architectes ou encore urbanistes. Une trentaine de “tableaux végétaux” réalisés par Thierry Huau, paysagiste, urbaniste et etnobotaniste reconnu, évoquent des thèmes divers (une jungle, un jardin méditerranéen, un jardin impressionniste, une prairie fleurie, un jardin japonais…), grâce à des compositions de plantes exceptionnelles produites par une cinquantaine de pépiniéristes de toute l’Europe.

le jardin = garden
le potager = vegetable garden           
le jardin botanique = botanical garden          
les outils (m) de jardinage = garden tools 
le râteau = rake           
la bêche = spade                         
le transplantoir = trowel           
la graine = the seed
la racine = the root
la fleur = the flower
la plante = the plant
pousser = to grow
jardiner, faire du jardinage = to garden
arroser = to water

Location: 21 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 75008
Transportation:  metros lines 1 and 13 at Champs-Elysées Clémenceau
Hours: Vary depending on the exhibition
Admission fees: Vary depending on the exhibition

Photo credit: Roof of Grand Palais from Velib’ & Moi and Clémence Dangles.