Our Favorite Spots in Paris for Memorizing Verbs

You have a hardly used copy of the Bescherelle (or another verb conjugation book) sitting on your bookshelf and you keep promised yourself, tomorrow I will study those French verbs seriously.  We know it is hard to be motivated by the imparfait or future simple, but it is important to do. To help motivate you, here is a list of our favorite, quiet corners of Paris for studying:

[column col=”1/4″]Musée Rodin[/column][column col=”1/4″][/column][column col=”1/4″]French lesson at the PetitPalaisCafe[/column][column col=”1/4″]Montmartre Cemetery[/column]


Garden of the Musée Rodin in the Paris 7th: For 1€, you can purchase an all day pass to the beautiful garden. There are a number of benches scattered around the property along with many of Rodin’s sculptures. You can even sit and think about those verbs next to Rodin’s The Thinker.

Courtyard at the Hôtel-Dieu in the Paris 4th: Free admission, you access the gardens through the front entrance of the hospital on the square of Notre Dame, then make a right down the corridor, and a left to the garden entrance. The park benches located along the colonnaded walkways are a perfect place to quietly study.

Colonnades of the Petit Palais in the Paris 8th: Entrance is free to the public garden in the center of building. You can either choose a bench in the garden or a table at the café. Gaze into the blue and gold mosaic pools while memorizing those verbs.

Benches at the Cimetière de Montmartre in the Paris 18th: For a secluded place to study, it doesn’t get much quieter than a cemetery. Sit beside the grave of the French author, Émile Zola and try channeling his talents into your own studies.

french-lessons-expats-1Imagine yourself quietly sitting at one of these quiet Parisian escapes, nothing but the sound of birds chirping, a paper bag with a fresh croissant next to you, and your grammar book in your hand. How can you possibly postpone learning those French verbs any longer?

Need a little more help getting started? Interested in a private French lesson at one of these Paris sites? We would be happy to drill you on your verbs, but really a friendly conversation may be more effective. Call or contact us to organize a lesson.