French As You Like It on Paris Perfect

French-Lesson-Shopping-ParisMarguerite Monnier, the founder of French As You Like It, was recently a guest blogger on Paris Perfect. She shared one of her favorite places to give a French lesson, Les Grands Magasins. Starting from the Deli-cieux open air café/restaurant at the top of the Printemps (7th floor of the maison et beauté section) to the shoe department on the groundfloor, she walks through the sorts of questions and conversations she might have during a typical lesson:

Où sont les toilettes? (Where are the toilets?)
Avez-vous cette robe en taille 38? (Do you have this dress in a size 38?)
Matt-French-LessonBonjour, combien coûte ces chaussures ? or combien ça coûte?  C’est cher! (Hello. How much are these shoes? Oh, they’re expensive!)
Payer en liquide, par chèque, par carte (Pay with cash, by check, by credit card)

SpeakerIconClick the speaker icon to listen to text in French on Les Grands Magasins or here to read more about the French department stores.  If you are interested in organizing a private French lesson at Les Grands Magasins  or another location in Paris, email or give us a call.

Photo Credits: Galeries Lafayette by emmrichard, French As You Like It student Matt after his lesson at Galeries Lafayette French As You Like It