French lessons in Marseille with French As You Like It

Learn French in Marseille as you would like it

Private French lessons in Marseille.

Our French lessons are specially customized to help you speak French fluently throughout your stay – or life – in Marseille.

As a boutique language school, we offer total flexibility in terms of time, location, and frequency.

Time: Seven days a week between 7am- 9pm.​ ​

Location: Wherever you like! Your home, your office, or even around Marseille. Founded by the Greeks in 600 BC, imagine wandering around the charming streets of the Old Port; or perhaps discovering architectural wonders from the majestic Notre Dame de la Garde to Corbusier’s visionary landmarks; or, maybe take advantage of the city’s recent status as a European Capital of Culture with cutting edge galleries and performing arts!

Frequency: As often as you like. From a single private lesson to an ongoing program, you will discover a new way of learning a language in a unique and inspiring environment.

Learn French in Marseille with French As You Like It.

Are you a student, expatriate, tourist, family, child or professional? No matter. Our classes are tailor-made to meet your specific needs and linguistic goals. French As You Like It will give you the confidence to speak French in any number of situations and the skills to express yourself with ease. Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with our students. We’ve learned a great deal from them. Their invaluable feedback — and our own instincts — has enabled us to offer different types of lessons that meet any specific situation. Trust us. We’ve covered everything from how to navigate the metro system to opening bank accounts! We have crafted specific programs and organized classes in many unexpected ways.

Private French Lessons

  • Business French
  • Fascinating lessons out and about in Marseille
  • Thematic courses: cooking, fashion,law…
  • Exam preparation: DELF, FLE, TCF,DCL, DFP…

Children French Classes

  • Practical and playful​
  • Games and interactive exercices​
  • Learn French with other children​

French and activities

  • French and Cooking
  • French and Wine
  • French and art​
  • French and Internship

How it works

Flexible Schedules, Flexible Courses​

Whenever you like Lessons can be scheduled anytime between 7am and 9pm every day, including weekends and public holidays.​ ​More flexibility equals less stress. Your teacher will always be able to offer you multiple options to meet for lessons that fit your schedule. At dawn, or at dinnertime, the final choice is yours.

Wherever you like Your home, workplace, or even out and about in Marseille. Having Marseille as your classroom is a popular option: you’ll learn French in real-life situations as you and your teacher explore the city.​ You can meet at the elegant opera house; or perhaps learn the finer points of food market negotiation in the exciting Old Port.; or maybe just linger at a café and discuss why the French national anthem is called “La Marseillaise”.

As often as you like From a single private lesson to an ongoing program, we can accommodate you. It’s up to you.​ You will learn French in a dynamic cultural setting with a teacher who will always be an excellent and in-the-know resource for all things Marseille. Perhaps a visit to an artist’s atelier, or learning classic French-Mediterranean cooking. There are so many interesting cultural immersion options to choose from.

Professional French Teachers

To facilitate your rapid progress, we conduct a pre-screening of your language abilities, interests and objectives before your first lesson. You’ll then be carefully paired with one of our highly experienced French teachers. All of our teachers are French natives who don’t just teach you French, but put the language in context by giving you valuable insight into French life and culture. If you are interested, they will also help you discover the treasures and secrets of France, far from the traditional tourist routes, to make your stay unique and unforgettable..