Exam Preparation

Learning French is a challenge, but it’s often a requirement to stay in the country and to obtain a residence card (minimum A2 level the TCF exam) to a higher level for DELF B1 for citizenship and in most cases a DELF B1-B2 to be able to work or study comfortably in a French speaking environment.

Preparing a specific exam or interview can often be a great source of motivation to boost your French. We are here to relieve that stress by developing your French learning plan to coach you through the certification you require.

With hundreds of students preparing specifically for exams and evaluations, our teachers know the modalities of each test of and deploy specific methodologies to ensure you are competent, confident, and comfortable to communicate in French at your required level.

  • A measurable French learning plan
  • Assistance to sign up for the prepared test in a recognized center (Centre d’examen)
  • Intensive sessions for short timelines
  • Focus specifically on overcoming weaknesses
  • Homework tailored around exam requirements

If employed in France
your are eligible to use :


Preparation for the certification


Preparation for the certification

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