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Test preparation for French residency

For targeted help to pass your TCF or DELF tests

British and living in France?

With us, Brexit isn’t so bad after all.

You’ll probably know this already. From 1 July, you’ll need French nationality or a residence card to live in France. And to get those, you must understand, speak and write French to a set level.

But the good news is it needn’t be scary. Not at all! French As You Like It will help you with everything – from finding your level, all the way to preparing for the test.  

Why not prepare for your trip to France with some virtual classroom lessons? Once you’ve returned home, you can continue to make progress with us.  Contact us to get started!

A FAYLI Brexit Package includes:

– An audit of your present French skills and draft of a personal learning program

– French classes, in groups or individually, to the right level: A2 for
residency, B1 for nationality.

– Preparation for the official test.

– Extra coaching if you need it.

– Full use of our facilities and staff to answer questions, explain
procedures, scan, print and fill in documents, make calls
and translate.

– A rehearsal for your official interview.

And remember, learning French isn’t just a legality. It’s your way to get the most out of the beautiful country you live in. It’s time to stop worrying and start loving it!

You can book lessons directly or for other options and more information please contact us