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“French As You like It is not only a language school, it gives you the tools to learn French the way you live as


Marguerite Monnier, Directrice

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Why French as you like It ?

Why French as you like It ?

It’s why you can either learn here at the school, online, or have a tutor come to you. At work, at home, at a hotel, in a café, wherever suits.

We offer lessons 7 days a week from 7 am to 9 pm, including weekends and bank holidays. In short, when you’re free to do them.

Our course is tailored to the level you need, and when you need to get there.

Our tutors are native French, with Master’s degrees and years of experience working with students from toddlers to top executives.

Every course comes with regular, scheduled online follow-up from your tutor, and feedback from students at the school.

You’ll have access to course admin, lesson schedules, French level tests, class notes and lesson reminders, online, just when you need them. We can even help you find accommodation here in Paris, and print any official documents.

French As You Like It is the most flexible and fastest way to learn French. Therefore, the most efficient way to get to your goals.

Located at 23 Rue du Petit Musc, 75004. Our boutique French school is right here in Paris’s historic center.
You can have your lessons at our school, online or other locations of your choosing.
How you learn French with us is very much up to you. But whichever way you choose, we give you every help along the way. 
We give regular follow-up and helpful feedback right through your course. You can even call or visit us for advice and extra work. That way, you get more out of learning. 
French As You Like It to learn French
French classes for children and families

Families & Children​

French for families, children & friends, groups and individuals.

Private french lesson in Paris

Private French Classes​

One-on-one tutoring, private groups, in-person and online lessons.

French group classes in Paris

Small-Group Classes​

Morning intensive, evening weekly French and conversation at FAYLI and online.

French classes for Professionals

French For Professionals​

Business oral & written communication, specialised French.

Read why we are the only school in central Paris with a 5 star rating

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Based on 115 reviews
Brian Scudamore
5 étoiles de plus ! C'est une bonne école, la preuve étant que je rédige ce commentaire en français ! Leila et Alexie me font sentir comme à la maison dans leur atelier de conversation. J'en sors toujours avec une confiance renouvelée pour m'exprimer dans la langue de Molière. Je reviendrai lors de mon prochain séjour parisien !
Anni Weinhold
Une école de langue vraiment super, avec des professeurs incroyablement gentils et serviables. Je reviendrai avec plaisir !
Julie Kurose
This is a wonderful French language school in Paris that was just right for me. My husband and I travel to France a couple of times a year and often stay for several weeks. Our French is functional but I wanted to practice my conversation skills and become more at ease in speaking. I took the small group class for Intermediate level speakers at FAYLI, learned a lot of French, absolutely accomplished my goals, and loved every minute. Leila, our teacher, was very skilled at encouraging and facilitating conversation in the class while teaching us some of the finer points of French grammar. She also did a wonderful job of giving us a window on French daily life and culture and on the living language - how French people really speak their language - within a context of the rules of usage. The other students were from various countries, and all were so congenial and equally eager to learn and share, that the class was just a fun place to be every day. I also appreciated the flexible schedule and variety of offerings. The entire staff is very welcoming, professional and friendly. They create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages students to speak without fear of judgement, and honestly after just a few days the school felt like a family. I will miss everyone there and hope to attend again in the future.
Robbin Orbison
This is a wonderful place. The staff was all so welcoming and helpful. They were willing to accommodate my changing schedule and the instructor was excellent. Highly recommend!
Jane Ceraso
I researched numerous French language schools that offered small group learning before I came to Paris. I’m so glad I picked FAYLI! My teacher, Leila was wonderful, classes were fun, I progressed in my French, met interesting classmates, and got to practice what I learned exploring the wonderful Marais district in which FAYLI is located. Merci beaucoup FAYLI!
Bart Lubbers
Great French class; great teacher, lots of fun!
我在FAYLI上了一個星期的課程,包括1.5小時的團體課+1.5小時的個人課,兩個體驗都非常好。 1. 小班制,我那個星期團體課只有四個人,練習機會很多。 2. 同學都是年紀差不多或是更年長的人,大家的生活經驗都很豐富,這樣對話內容才會有趣。 3. Leila老師引導的技巧很好,會給我們很多話題讓我們有更多靈感。 4. 個人課的老師Olivia也很棒,很有活力、很有耐心,很用心準備話題,跟她上課很舒服。 5. 我喜歡這樣小規模的學校,每個人都互相認識,每天早上一進教室,就可以喝到學校親自為我們準備的咖啡,開始一天的課程,對像我一個這樣來自很遠的國家、獨自旅行的人來說,感到非常溫暖。(我來自台灣) 即使只有短短一個星期,我覺得我的法文口語能力也有了明顯的進步,以後有機會回到巴黎,我會再來這裡上課。 我自己在台灣也是一個語言老師+語言中心的經營者,以教學專業的角度來說,我也非常推薦這裡。
Kathy Hanaway
Our decision to attend French As You Like It far exceeded our expectations in terms of a learning community that is fun and educational. It gave structure and focus to our day during our 4 week stay. I attended the A level and my husband attended the B level. Leila, Alexi and Marguerite made us feel so welcome and we learned so much. Classmates were diverse, adventuresome and fun. We laughed a lot! I got covid during my stay so I zoomed the class for 2 days. Leila knew the technology and expertly wove me into the classroom. Highly recommend.
It was very easy to sign up and join an intensive beginner class at French as You Like It. I attended one week of class while in Paris and everyone was welcoming and put me at ease. The classes were helpful and the students very open and laid back. It was a fun and fruitful experience and I’ll definitely take another class in the future!

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