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Outdoor French lessons in Paris
Out and about French lessons in Paris

Confinement, masks, curfews, distancing, telecommuting… For almost a year, Covid-19 has been disrupting our daily lives and forcing us to reshape our lives and social relationships. Once this health crisis is under control, what will remain of this pandemic? How will we continue learning French ?

Before, when we wanted to meet, we would put a smile on your face, shake hands or even do “la bise”. Since the use of masks, we miss smiling. All the same there were smiles this year, many smiles on video.

Indeed, work has changed and will change! Telecommuting will increase dramatically in the coming months and will be presented as a normal way to work in the 21st century. Other practices will continue to grow: remote meetings, video calls with doctors and psychologists, distance learning, digital media, remote sales, home delivery, etc.

In fact, online language education was particularly popular during the lockdown last year and many schools had to change their organization and work methods. With today’s advanced technology, it is much easier for some students to work from home than to come directly to the school to study. This way of learning will last, as we can observe that even one year later the majority of schools and companies keep this method and are satisfied with it. 

The French have set up a flexible work environment that can be adapted to all situations : outdoor sports activities, outdoor French courses, telecommuting in the countryside, school in parks, etc. 

The Covid-19 has really changed our habits of how we teach and learn French !


 curfew : couvre feu,  social distancing : distanciation, handshake : poignée de main, daily lives : quotidien, disrupting : perturbe