Private French Lessons in Paris & Online

« Great teacher and very reactive. Highly recommend! »
Sarah P
private french lessons in paris online

Private French Lessons in Paris & Online

« Great teacher and very reactive. Highly recommend! »
Sarah P

Our Courses


Individual Lessons

Your chance to learn French in a way that best suits your personality, learning style and linguistic goals. It’s a lesson tailored to you. 

You choose where, when, how, and what your aims are. Our only mission is to help you achieve them, as efficiently and enjoyably as possible.

Small Private Group Lessons

Perfect for colleagues, families, couples and friends looking to learn French together in an intimate setting. 

Develop your business, social and specific French that you need, the way you like it.

Online French Lessons

Whether you’re learning French in France or abroad, French As You Like It can help. Our virtual classroom enables you to enjoy our teaching expertise from anywhere in the world.

We have classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced. So, prepare for your trip to France in advance. And once you return home, you can still progress.

Our Approach

We focus on improving your oral skills, developing your vocabulary and expressions, ready to use in your daily and professional life here in France.

Whenever you like
between 7 am- 9 pm every day, including weekends and public holidays

Wherever you like
Your home, workplace, in our school room or at a place you like in Paris. You can even learn French in real-life situations, where you and your teacher explore the city.
As often as you like
From a single private French lesson to an ongoing program, we can accommodate you. You can also combine lessons with our micro group classes.

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