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Reviews from our happy customers!

I had a very positive experience with the team at FAYLI. Highly recommend the micro group classes and individual lessons. The teachers are all patient, professional, encouraging, and know how to put you at ease in order to bring out your best French. We focused on Paris/French culture and one lesson we spent the morning exploring and learning the history of Belleville. It was an excellent experience and really helped to improve my French. I would have liked to stay longer!
Mark H
Works in HR
French As You Like It has been indispensable in helping me learn to speak French and also adjust to life in Paris. It felt incredibly reassuring as a foreigner here to know that I had someone I could count on to help orient me to life in Paris, from simple things like how to use the post office to dealing with unexpected issues with my apartment.
French As You Like It classes not only gave me the opportunity to quickly learn the basics of the French language, but provided me with a fantastic “insiders guide” to Paris. The lessons were adapted to my standard, enabling me to progress at my own pace.
French As You Like it micro group students
Relocated in Paris
What has worked particularly well for me in our French classes is that if necessary, we can drop into English if I have some very specific questions or do not fully understand something, which avoids any confusion.
Daniel M
Independent Computer Engineer