Paris plage

Where to cool off in Paris?

Photo credit : @dathhh

Another heatwave or ‘Canicule’ à Paris!  This word is has become all too common this summer.

Now that the seasonal “Paris plage” has ended, there remains spots to stay cool; or at least a little less hot.

The fountains in Paris

Eau de Paris, the public water company in France, is supporting the Paris Plage action by providing water points:

  • 4 totem fountains on the right bank of the Rives de Seine Park
  • 4 totem fountains on the left bank of the Rives de Seine Park

A question that everyone asks: can you bathe in the fountains? The answer is … no, it is forbidden to bathe in fountains, although fines are rare. To stay within the law, you should know that spaces where water jets are available have been created. Most of those totems fountains have a push button at the top which spray a gently mist.

The misters in Paris

Take advantage of the misting machines at your disposal every day from 10am to 6pm near the Pont Neuf. A misting area is waiting for you to refresh yourself with parabrumes, small showers that diffuse a fine mist that you can enjoy on sunny days.

The swimming pools in Paris

Piscine Joséphine Baker

Piscine Joséphine Baker

The particularity of the Josephine Baker swimming pool is that it is located on a barge. It has an aquatic area with a 25 meter pool and a 500 m² solarium, a wellness area with a hammock, sauna and jacuzzi and a sports area with a weight training and fitness center. The best part? The view on the Seine when you swim!

📍34 boulevard Carnot, 75012 Paris

📸  @piscinejosephinebaker

💻 website




Aquaboulevard is a water park for children and families. You will find :

– an outdoor swimming pool

– Jacuzzis

– a sandy beach

– giant slides

– a wave pool

– counter-current rivers

– waterfalls

– water cannons

–  an outdoor tanning area

📍4 rue Louis Armand, 75015 Paris

💻 website


Piscine Edouard Pailleron

Piscine Edouard Pailleron

Between bay windows and glass roof, the aquatic space is clear and bright, dominated by old cabins in high galleries.

Fun pools are available for both children and adults: a paddling pool, a massage bath and a solarium for sunbathing.

📍 32 rue Édouard Pailleron, 75019 Paris

💻 website



Piscine Roger le Gall

Piscine Roger le Gall

Swim under the blue sky in one of the only 50m Olympic size pools in Paris.

This municipal pool is equipped with 2 pools, a circular pool for babies and children, a solarium with lawn and a gym.

📍 34 boulevard Carnot, 75012 Paris

💻 website




➣ the sea: la mer

➣ the sand: le sable

➣ the sun: le soleil

➣ a beach: une plage

➣ a swimming pool: une piscine

➣ a water point: un point d’eau

➣ a mister: un brumisateur

➣ a deckchair: une chaise longue

➣ a bathing suit: un maillot de bain

➣ sunglasses: des lunettes de soleil

➣ a sun cream: une crème solaire

➣ to refresh: se rafraîchir

➣ to swim: nager

➣ to sunbath: bronzer


🗣 French expressions related to the summer

➣ Bouquiner : to read (familiar)

➣ Se dorer la pilule : lounging around in the sun

➣ Siroter une limonade : to sip lemonade

➣ Attraper un coup de soleil : to catch a sun burn

➣ Étaler de la crème solaire : apply sun cream