the corner bakery

Which French candy to pick at the corner bakery?

Very few people can say no when it’s about Bonbons (sweets). Children AND adults.

Like school children, our students are ready to stand in line at the bakery across the school. They make all worthy customers wait while picking their ‘Bon-bec’ to share with fellow learners.

The baker is always very patient. Here is a short review of what’s across the street and most popular:

1. Le carambar

French candy

The  Carambar (long caramel stick that comes in a yellow and red wrapper) is a staple across all generations. Ask and speak precisely: do you want the vrai Carambar au caramel (the one that will send you straight to the dentist) or the softer Caranouga, the fruity (healthy?) or the more recent ‘Atomic’ flavor, that will hurt your taste buds.

The real plus about Carambar is that they ALL have a blague Carambar (joke) inside. Great to share with friends!

2. Les têtes brûlées

French candy

Les têtes brûlées (with a strong ‘u’), ‘têtes brûlées, la bille qui t’arrache la tête

Same situation with ‘the marbles that pull out your head’

The original is the Cola one, but the sourest ones are the Kitache or the Choc-Termik. There again, you need to speak French precisely and ask celui-ci ou celui-là (this one or that). There is a controversy that acid citric added is harmful to your health. On their website, it is clearly indicated that they are not adapted to children under 6, but no doubt fighters are a silent minority.

3. La fraise Tagada, la seule, la vraie!

French candy

The ever-popular- free- Fraise Tagada(soft mounds of white marshmallow covered in a hard sugar crust to resemble strawberries), with children and stressed grownups.

4. Les bonbons colliers

French candy

Les petites filles (little girls) love their candy necklaces… Each “pearl” on the necklace has a different flavor: You just chew if off the flexible rubber band. The necklace turns into a gooey mess, that inevitably gets stuck in your hair…

5. Haribo

French candy

Haribo c’est beau la vie pour les grands et les petits (With Haribo life is beautiful for grown ups and children).

It is so much fun to pull on the tangy bouteilles Cola (Coke flavored gummy bottles,) until they ripped apart. It is the next best thing to enjoying soda, still frowned upon by many parents.

Those make Haribo the leader on the market of bakery bonbons: 

frite; oeuf au plat (sunny side egg), dragibus, smurfs (stroumphs), teddy bear, Maoam… Fruity, Fizzy, sour, acid, spicy, chewy; to many, they all taste the same:  that of childhood long gone. By pushing the door of the bakery, students get a wave of fond memories that will put a smile on their face as they get in our boutique like  language school.