Our Workshop classes are designed to supplement your autodidactic learning with a weekly intervention from our teachers helping you and supporting you to advance your French skills. 

Vocabulary workshop

Discover our vocabulary workshop right now!

Why this class?

This course offers both methodical and varied activities which will enable you to enrich your lexical knowledge of practical topics that you will be immediately be reused  through series of exercises of different levels.

This class will provide you with new vocabulary, enhancing your acquisition and improving your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

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Pronunciation workshop

Speak perfect French !

Improve your pronunciation thanks to our dedicated workshop… and communicate like a native French.

This class offers students of all levels specific knowledge and skills in French such as articulation, reading and diction. Phonetic transcription exercises review the 36 sounds of the French language, thus developing your oral aptitudes in order to then quickly acquire the essential reflexes.

In addition, good pronunciation is the technical key that will enhance the intelligibility of your speech and increase your confidence.

Boost your learning capacity with this workshop!!!

Intensive French with a group in the morning, and sharpening skills in a one-to-one afternoon session.

Afternoon activities: cooking, wine tasting, perfume tours and fashion tours.

Free campus afternoon activities: cultural events like exhibitions and movie shows.

Free afternoon directed studies : do your homework at the school, and get feedback from our faculty.

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