french-lessons-in-paris-&-online-fayli - children
french-lessons-in-paris-&-online-fayli - children

French lessons for children and families in Paris

« Summer in Paris at short notice and French As You Like It did a great job of teaching my two teenage daughters beginner's French in a combination of personal and small group classes. They remained open over the August holiday period when many of the other vendors were shutting down. They're in a great location in Marais for exploring the culture and cafes after lessons. »
- Ian C

Explore Our Lessons For Children and Families

Families and Children French Lessons Paris

The best techniques to learn French in Paris efficiently and enjoyably with our expert-guided strategies and resources.

Families & Children

Private Lessons

Our private French lessons for children and teenagers are designed to give your children what they really need to enjoy France and learning French, as they like it. Lessons are tailored specially to their age, learning needs, and schedule. Our tutors specialize in teaching younger students as young as 4 years old. Their individual classes will be very interactive, and include activities such as games, computer exercises, role-plays, board games or photography. When learning’s fun, it’s faster!

Small Private Group French Lessons ( 2 - 5 people)

These are perfect for siblings or families looking to learn French and discover Paris together. Here, each family member can develop their own French social language skills and learn at their own pace. We’ll help you personalize your classes, book tickets to places you’d like to go to with your family and teacher or recommend places we’ve been to. When learning’s interesting, it’s faster!

Whenever you like

Between 7 am – 9 pm every day, including weekends and public holidays.

Wherever you like

Your home, in one of our school’s classroom, online or at a place you’d like to visit in Paris.  Yes ! You can learn French in real-life situations, where your family and teacher explore the city while practicing their French.

As often as you like

From a single private French lesson to an ongoing program, we can accommodate you. You can also combine different types of classes.

Intensive Micro Group Classes for Children and Families

Every week, June through September.

Here, we work in small groups so that each child gets maximum individual attention and lots of opportunities to speak.

Children and teenagers’ intensive classes are project oriented. They’ll be working as a team towards a new goal each week. Whether they’ll be creating a video, a poster or an interview, their teacher will give them the keys to becoming more independent speakers. Through games and various activities, they’ll develop their vocabulary, improve their pronunciation, and reinforce their grammar.

  • 6 students per class
    • Focus on improvement of oral skills
    • Project-based learning
    • Level from full beginner to advanced intermediate
    • Several age brackets for the children: 6-8; 9-12; 13-16 y.o


  • In their micro group classes, your children will:
    • Learn in a playful environment: games, songs, role plays, arts and crafts
    • Work towards a new project each week with their classmates
    • Become more independent French speakers

    Hours Monday through Friday:
    • 9:15 to 10:45 am for beginner level
    •11.00 to 12.30 pm for intermediate level

    70€ registration fee

Whenever You Like

Between 7 am – 9 pm every day, including weekends and public holidays.

Wherever You Like

Your home online, the school or a unique place in Paris: you’ll learn French in real-life situations as you and your teacher explore the city.

As often as you like

From a single private French lesson to an ongoing program, we can accommodate you. You can also combine with our group classes.