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About French As You Like It

The leading boutique French language school in Paris

French As You Like It offers customized private French lessons crafted exclusively with your goals, needs and purpose in mind. No cookie-cutter classes here: creating the French course that brings the best results for you is our top priority.

In addition to private lessons, we offer micro-group weekly intensive courses. With no more than 6 students per class, our fun, friendly and highly experienced teachers take pride in ensuring that each student advances consistently throughout the course by receiving ample personal attention and opportunities to speak and converse in French. For schools and further education groups we offer larger class sizes (up to 35 students)

At French As You Like It, our entire team is committed to making certain that your French learning experience is exactly what you want and need it to be. Contact us today to learn more or register for our classes!

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If you’re in France this fall, you’ll hear certain French autumn vocabulary words pop up again and again. Don’t be left out of the conversation! Learn the following 7 French autumn words and understand their place in French culture.

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3 Tips for Improving Your Ability to Read French

In our private French lessons, we primarily focus on learning to speak like a native, and most of our lessons are spent in conversation. But reading in French is fundamental to improving your speaking ability. Keep reading to learn 3 tips that will help you to read more fluidly in French.

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