Group Lessons

We limit the size of our groups to maximise individual attention and give you plenty of opportunity to speak French.

This program is practice-based, using daily real-life scenarios.

Explore Our Group Lessons

Group classes in Central Paris & online

Micro Groups are an ideal way to get maximum individual attention and maximum opportunities to speak French in a team at the same time.  They’re designed around simulated social situations, and focus on the oral skills you’re likely to need every day.    

The first part of the lesson concentrates on grammar and vocabulary on a given theme, with exercises to polish your pronunciation.

Next, we’ll work on your reaction and response to spoken French. We make use of innovative materials too, including videos and e-learning.

Beginner French courses in Paris & online

If you’re a beginner or false beginner and want to get basic French language skills or improve your spoken skills, then we have many ways to kick-start your learning adventure.

You can join our beginner class for A0 or A1 class to acquire common French language skills.

  • Tuesdays  7 pm-8:30 pm
  • 6 students maximum

Conversation classes for intermediate to advanced levels in Paris and online

Our intermediate courses with a minimum A2 level and a maximum B2 who want to take their French to the next level; it focuses a lot on the improvement of conversational skills. 

Evening conversation classes will allow you to improve our speaking skills. You will talk about different topics, current events and feel more confident speaking French.

  • Thursdays  7 pm-8:30 pm
  • 6 students maximum

If you are not able to attend classes in person or would like to work on your French with a group, prior to coming to France, you can join our morning French micro group morning classes or evening French conversation classes virtually and share the experience of learning with your peers, even when you can’t make it to Paris.

Program options to add to any class

Intensive French with a group in the morning, and sharpening skills in a one-to-one afternoon session.

Free campus afternoon activities: cultural events like exhibitions and movie shows.

Free afternoon directed studies : do your homework at the school, and get feedback from our faculty.

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