Learn French - Group lessons - in Paris
Learn French - Group lessons - in Paris

Group French Lessons In Paris

Online Group French Lessons

We limit the size of our groups to maximize individual attention and give you plenty of opportunity to speak French. We focus on improving your oral skills, developing your vocabulary and expressions, ready to use in your daily life in France.

« Amazing - after spending 3 weeks here, I found the teaching was great, my French definitely progressed and it felt like a family after a short amount of time. Was so nice when you are new in Paris and do not know too many people. They make you feel super welcome and I'll always have fond memories of my time there. »
- Lee H

Our Courses

Program options to add to any class

Group French Classes in Central Paris

Micro groups are an ideal way to get both individual attention and a maximum of opportunities to speak French with your classmates.  

Our group classes focus on the oral skills you’re likely to need in your everyday life in Paris. They will expand your vocabulary, reinforce your grammar, and polish your pronunciation. You’ll work mainly on your speaking and listening skills.

We use a variety of materials including videos, podcasts, ads, newspapers, games, etc. We want to make sure your group classes are adapted to your learning style, and you get the most out of your group experience with us.

We create a warm and safe environment for you to feel comfortable, make mistakes and progress.

If you are a full beginner (A0) and would like to begin your French studies, we recommend starting with a few private classes and / or our Tuesday evening beginner class.

  • 6-7 students maximum
  • Focus on oral skills
  • Levels range from advanced beginner to advanced intermediate
  • A choice of hours: 9:15 to 10:45 am (A1/A2) / 11 to 12:30 pm (B1/B2)

Evening Beginner French courses in Paris & online

Whether you’re a full beginner or low intermediate who wants to get basic French language skills or improve your spoken skills, here is a great way to either kick-start or continue your learning adventure.

You can join our evening class for A0, A1 or A2 levels to acquire common French language skills.

  • Tuesday from 7 – 8:30 pm 
  • 6-7 students maximum

We have a couple of levels ranging from A0 to A2. Classes are once a week, so you’ll get homework every week. Our evening beginner classes focus on the oral skills you’re likely to need in your everyday life in Paris, expand your vocabulary, reinforce your grammar, and polish your pronunciation. 

Our most advanced class is a civilization class which combines culture, grammar, and conversation.

6-week package valid 3 months after your first class
12-week package valid 6 months after your first class.

Small Group French Lessons in Paris

Unlock the charm of the French language with our group French lessons in Paris. Experience personalised attention and an immersive learning environment, perfect for mastering conversational skills. Our expert instructors and interactive lessons ensure you grasp the nuances of French culture and language. Join our group French classes in Paris today and start your journey towards fluency in the heart of France.

Evening conversation classes for intermediate to advanced levels in Paris or online

Our evening conversation class is for students with a minimum A2 level and a maximum B2 who want to take their French to the next level. It focuses on the improvement of your conversational skills and expanding your vocabulary. 

You will talk about different topics, current events and feel more confident speaking French. You’ll receive the vocabulary linked to each week’s topic prior to the class. In this class, interactions are key. You’ll work on giving your opinion, talking about more complex topics, and understanding somebody else’s point of view. We limit the number of students to make sure everyone gets to participate and practice.

  • Thursdays 7 pm-8:30 pm
  • 6-7 students maximum

6-week package valid 3 months after your first class
12-week package valid 6 months after your first class

Program options you can add to any class:
Intensive French classes with a group in the morning
Sharpening your skills in a one-to-one session, whenever you’d like
Free cultural activities on Wednesday afternoon: cultural outings, visit to exhibitions, gatherings & more.
Fee afternoon directed studies: do your homework at the school, we’ll be here to help you.

Intensive French with a group in the morning, and sharpening skills in a one-to-one afternoon session.

Free campus afternoon activities: cultural events like exhibitions and movie shows.

Free afternoon directed studies : do your homework at the school, and get feedback from our faculty.