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Our Team

Marguerite Monnier


Graduated from an MBA at ESSEC, Marguerite fell in love with teaching upon her 6 year stay in San Francisco. Expat in her own country but speaking French, she realized that learning the local language is the key to integration in a new country: the ambition of a vast majority of foreigners relocating in Paris or just visiting is the same: feel comfortable in a new environment speaking French. With her team, Marguerite will go above and beyond to make you succeed.

Simon Murphy

Operation Manager

As an ex-patriate who knows very well the challenges of learning and developing your French skills around a busy work/life schedule. Simon manages the operations of FAYLI classrooms and systems, ensuring that the process, from when you start looking for a French learning program, to achieving your goals is a smooth and pleasant experience.

Céline Kerrien

Educational Coordinator

Céline first graduated in Applied Foreign Languages – English and German–then in International Business. Later on, she worked for over 12 years in Export Sales Administration for small French companies. After a family expatriation in the USA and Finland, she decides to change career and graduates as French as Foreign Language teacher (DAEFLE-CNED) when coming back to France.
Now part of the FAYLI team, she particularly enjoys the quality of human relationship which she can develop with the teaching team and students while teaching and the variety of the missions she has as educational coordinator of the team.

Alexie Baldovi

Student Relation Manager and Teacher

After receiving her Bachelor’s in English and her Master’s in French as a second language, Alexie spent 5 years teaching in the United States.
She worked in American colleges as well as with Alliance Française. As she came back to France, she has been teaching 3 years old and up.
Alexie enjoys creating games, practicing conversation and adding a dose of good humor in her classroom.
She is passionate for photography and often walks around Paris to take pictures, eat an ice cream or spend some time in a museum.