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All you need to know about learning French, living in France, finding accommodations, bank accounts, pronounciations… You will find it here!



Now is the time to put on your coat and brave the wind and rain, you can stroll in the capital of light emptied Paris from it’s heards of  tourists.

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Cultural Coaching

7 French Autumn Words You Must Learn

If you’re in France this fall, you’ll hear certain French autumn vocabulary words pop up again and again. Don’t be left out of the conversation! Learn the following 7 French autumn words and understand their place in French culture.

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Improve Your Accent in French

3 Tips for Improving Your Ability to Read French

In our private French lessons, we primarily focus on learning to speak like a native, and most of our lessons are spent in conversation. But reading in French is fundamental to improving your speaking ability. Keep reading to learn 3 tips that will help you to read more fluidly in French.

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