Enjoy flexible and customised French classes with our talented team of French teachers:

Parisian, Qualified to teach French as a second language, Fluent in English and other languages, Years of experience, Diverse fields of expertise, Passionate about teaching!

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Meet our Teachers


French teacher for adults and children

Qualified in teaching French and in Information and Mass Communication, originally from Bordeaux, she started teaching French in 2008 at Texas State University and for a few years pursued teaching her language in Ecuador and Nicaragua. These experiences help her understand the challenges of expatriation and the need to master the language and codes of a country. Currenty living in Paris, she teaches professionnals, but also tourists and children. She also works as a translator (French/Spanish) for books and legal documents. She loves to share her passion for French culture with her students.


French teacher for expats, tourists and families

After obtaining two master’s degrees (the first specialising in teaching French as a foreign language and the second focusing on French literature), Audrey set out to work in various fields of the world of arts and culture focusing at times on the publishing industry, film, literature and education. Audrey lived in West Africa for many years, where she taught French to children and adults, while working on the distribution of African films and documentaries. Back in France, Audrey decided to continue sharing her passion for arts and the French culture by teaching French in Paris (mostly to adults), a city she’s always been absolutely passionate about. Audrey always makes sure to adapt her lessons to the specific needs and interests of each and every student, and to deliver it with precision yet in a playful way, in order to make each lesson a uniquely crafted experience. 


French teacher for professionals and foreigners

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in french littérature from the Sorbonne  and a master degree in Public Relations from the CELSA, Catherine has taught french to foreigners since 2003. She used to be a classical dancer and travelled all over the world and lived In New-york for 4 years. She has a passion for ballet, theatre, French history, cinéma,  and cooking.


French teacher, PhD in Anthropology

After an initial training in Philosophy, Laëtitia Delamare is now a PhD student in Anthropology. She also graduated in Serbo-Croatian and French as Language for Foreigners at La Sorbonne. She’s worked now for seven years as a teacher including six years in French for Foreigners. She lived for four years in Serbia where she taught French at University, in middle school and high school. She is entitled to be an examiner for DELF/DALF exam from A1 to C2 level and knows perfectly well the required competences corresponding to each level. Really curious and excited to learn about other cultures and languages, Laëtitia loves to share her passion for French culture and language.


French teacher specialized in foreign languages

Tenure Holder of a degree in Modern Literature with a Sorbonne FLE career, Laure is also graduated from a Business school. Passionate of drama, she followed in parallel theatre and voice dubbing studies. She also worked for many years as a school teacher before specializing herself in foreign languages. Her educational approach and training enables her to teach young children, students or business executives at the same time. She has good interpersonal skills, incredible knowledge of Paris and enjoys discovering new cultures. Laure is a caring teacher and always shares her love for the language of Molière to her students.


French teacher and an expert in Performing Arts

Blandine has a master’s degree in teaching French as a second language. She gave French lessons in Mexico and Poland before moving back to Paris. She also has a diploma in performing arts and a passion for movies, theater and the circus. She draws on this expertise in her adult lessons and with younger students to use games, songs and TV programs as class materials.


French teacher, master’s degree in Human Resources

Although she worked for many years in business (broadcasting advertizing), Magali has always had a passion for teaching French language and culture to foreigners. She finally decided to share this passion with others and changed career course to complete a master’s degree from the Sorbonne in French as a second language. Magali has been giving French lessons for over 5 years now. She initially specialized in business French but has since broadened her focus and now teaches general French courses for children, teenagers and adults.


French teacher for children and families

After getting her Bachelor’s in English and her Maîtrise in French as a second langage from la Sorbonne, Alexie spent most of the past four years between France and the United States. She worked for two years at an Amercican college, then came back to France and taught at a Parisian language school. Afterwards, she got a job at an Alliance française in the United States. She is now resuming classes and is finishing her Master’s in French as a second langage.

Alexie is passionate for photography and painting, she loves to walk around in Montmartre and take pictures or wander in a museum. She has a special taste for foreign cultures and for travels. Creating games, oral interaction and a good dose of humor are her ingredients to making a class more lively.


French teacher for professionals

Blandine has a Bachelor Degree in Economic and Social Administration and a Master in teaching French as a foreign language (FSL). She teaches (FSL) with a communicative approach and likes introducing French language and culture through varied and interactive resources. She is very keen to use current media and sparks her students’ curiosity with lessons that reflect the peculiarities of French society at best. Thanks to her prior professional experience (in Human Ressources and Pedagogic communication) she knows well the business realities and requirements of, which is a real asset to teach FSL in professional environment. She integrates in her teaching work on self-confidence and the enhancement of each learner’s capacities.


French teacher for professionals

After being graduated with a bachelor of English litterature and civilisation, and two Masters of French as a second language, Claire has been travelling and teaching French in Europe and Australia for few years. She is teaching French in Paris since 2013 towards kids, teenagers and adults. She is specialised in diplomatic relationships. Facing the different nationalities, age and objectives of her students, her strength is her versatility. Her teaching is adapted to your way of learning.