Ten Things that Make Different Noises in French


Hear the sounds in French (opens with QuickTime Player and Windows Media Player)

clock French classesYou may already know that some animals make different noises in French (frogs go: côa côa;  duck go: coin coin), but do you know that objects also make different sounds in French? Even you make different noises in French. Rather than going “achoo” for a sneeze, you say “atchoum” in French.  (And yes, please remember to add the “m” when sneezing in Paris!)

Here are ten more sounds that are different in French!

  • To make a drinking sound, it’s not “glub, glub” in French but “glou glou.”
  • To say “quiet” or “shhh”, it’s: “chut
  • Roosters say: “ Cocorico” not “cock-a-doodle-doo!”
  • Clocks: Forget “tick tock” it’s “tic-tac.”
  • Doorbells don’t go “ding-dong” but “dring!
  • If you stub your toe, you wouldn’t yell “Ow!” but “Aie.
  • Babies don’t play peek-a-boo, they play “coucou.”
  • When something falls, it doesn’t just go “boom” but “bada boum.”
  • Car horns don’t go “beep beep” but “tut tut.”
  • Fire trucks go “pin-pon,” (but this is because they actually do make a unique sound in France).

Plus here are two silly jokes in French about sounds:

• Quel bruit fait un singe qui sonne a une porte ?
King kong

Les pompiers fait “pin-pon, pin-pon.” Les policiers fait “pin-pon-pin, pin-pon-pin.” Et les boulangères fait “pain, pain, pain, pain.”

Hahaha, right?  Or rather:  héhéhé!

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(Photo of the clock at the Musee D’Orsay by Lorena Montrose.)