The Perfect Picnic Starts at L’Epicerie du Bon Marché

picnicSummertime is a beautiful time of the year for a picnic in Paris. Whether it is a romantic dinner along the Seine or a family lunch on the Champ de Mars, picnicking in Paris is an easy and relaxing way to enjoy the city. For the picnic food, check out L’Epicerie du Bon Marché. It is directly across the street from Le Bon Marché, where we had our last lesson.

Location: 38 rue de Sèvres, 75007
Transportation:  metros lines 10 and 12 at Sèvres-Babylone
Hours: Open 8:30am to 9pm Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday
Website: www.lagrandeepicerie.com


From prepared gourmet sandwiches to rainbow-colored piles of macaroons, L’Epicerie du Bon Marché is a super market like no other. Here’s the place to come to organize a sophisticated and chic meal or for ex-pats missing home, it is the place to find popular foods from all over the world that are impossible to find everywhere else in Paris. (Pop-tarts anyone?) Be prepared to lose yourself for hour gazing at all the spices, fresh vegetables, honeys, cheeses, fish, chocolates, jams…

It is a great place for a French lesson too since all these items come in different flavors and colors and have different ways of being prepared. To get you started here is a short text in French:EBM5

 Voyagez ! L’Epicerie du Bon Marché propose plus de 30,000 produits différents, sélectionnés aux quatre coins du monde.

Une bouteille introuvable d’eau minérale du pays de Galles, les confitures d’un artisan français, l’exquise sauce tomate d’un petit fabricant napolitain ! Près de 2000 flacons, un choix inégalé de Bordeaux et une ouverture sur les vins du monde.

 Au cœur du magasin se trouve un véritable marché de produits frais. Il est alimenté quotidiennement avec les meilleurs fruits et légumes. On y trouve plus de 200 fromages en provenance de France et de l’étranger.

 (un fournisseur : supplier; un libre accès : unrestricted access ; rivaliser : to compete; se démocratiser : to become more accessible;introuvable : unobtainable; un produit frais : dairy product ; en provenance de : coming from )

 Ready to start improving your French by learning all the flavors of those macaroons or the names of each of the fish? Contact is now and we’d be happy to get started!

Photos from Caroline Plyler and L’Epicerie du Bon Marché.