arc de triomphe in paris with a big french flag under it

Environmentally friendly Paris

Paris is a leading city in the fight against climate change. It has put in place several action plans in recent years such as car limits on weekends, sorting waste or recycling.

The Champs-Élysées and the center of Paris for pedestrians

arc de triomphe in paris with a big french flag under itIt’s first Sunday every month, the Champs-Élysées and the center of Paris reserved for pedestrians.

As part of its policy in favor of better air quality and a more balanced and peaceful sharing of public space, the City of Paris has set up this operation. This scheme, already in place in several Parisian neighborhoods, offers pedestrians and cyclists spaces to walk in lanes free of motorized traffic.

Each Sunday, certains strict the capital is dedicated to pedestrians and soft traffic. This is an opportunity to enjoy the new Paris Respire plan, on a large central perimeter, on foot, by bike, on rollerblades or on a scooter!


L’Académie du Climat 

Faced with climate change, the success of the ecological transition requires a radical change in our lifestyles, our consumption patterns and our relationship with nature.

The young generations are particularly mobilized to build this future world.

The City of Paris is opening the Climate Academy, a new venue with programs for young Parisians aged 9 to 25, where they can discover resources and tools on environmental issues and develop new projects to act and transform our lifestyles.

Its premises are located in the former city hall of the 4th arrondissement, place Baudoyer (Paris Centre).


Anti waste education for back to school students : composting

Compost à l'écoleMore than 300 primary and nursery schools are equipped with a shared composter in Paris.

The equipment installed is a triple composter, a master composter installs this equipment, he also trains the staff in basic gestures.

The students will be in charge of the daily life of this composter.

The waste from the preparation of meals in the canteen and the leftovers from lunches or snacks feed the composter.

Each month, a new class is involved in composting, so that all the children in the school can experience it. This can lead to a desire to compost at home !


Waste sorting : Trilib’ stations  

Station Trilib à ParisNew Trilib’ stations will appear by December. Eventually, more than 1000 of these proximity sorting containers will be deployed in the city.

1,000 stations will eventually be installed in all Parisian neighborhoods. They will give Parisians simple and practical access to local sorting containers.

All recyclable waste can be sorted in one place: glass, paper, plastic and various types of packaging.


Collection of your objects : Ma Ressourcerie

Ma RessourcerieMa Ressourcerie, an associative store of reuse and recycling inaugurates its new premises of 270m2 on three levels at 126 avenue d’Italie, in the 13th district.

The “Ma ressourcerie” helps reduce waste at the source by putting used objects back into circulation. It creates local jobs, strengthens social ties within the neighborhood, while raising citizens’ awareness of respect for the environment and collaborative consumption.

This approach allows us to give them a second life or to find a suitable recycling channel. The store recovers all types of objects that you want to part with, whether they are in good or bad condition. Clothes, household linen, shoes, bags, suitcases, accessories, dishes, decorative objects, DVDs, books, magazines, vinyls, video games, small furniture, electrical and electronic equipment…

📍126 avenue d’Italie 75013 Paris

🕰 Monday to Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday, from 11am to 7pm.

📞  01 80 06 40 88

📧  [email protected]

💻 Website 



To waste : gaspiller

To sort : trier

Consomption habits : habitudes de consommation

Collection : collecte

Recycle channel : circuit de recyclage

Food waste : gaspillage alimentaire