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In addition to your French classes in Paris, how can you improve your French at very little cost ? Everyday life gives us resources to develop your language skills. Among others: 


Watching movies is the fastest and affordable way to learn French, with or without subtitles.

Here is our selection of French movies and series to help you get used to the language, learn French expressions and enrich your vocabulary.

🎬 Lupin : Series inspired by the universe and the character of Arsène Lupin, come and follow the adventures of Assane Diop who will plan to steal a necklace that belonged to Marie-Antoinette at the Louvre Museum.

🎬 Plan coeur : While Elsa, a Parisian, can’t get over her ex, her best friend secretly hires an escort boy to help her move on. But the plan works a little too well …

🎬 Dix pour cent : Four actors’ agents, with colorful personalities and complicated personal lives, struggle daily to find the best roles for their prestigious clients.

🎬 Chef’s table : You have a passion, a talent for cooking ? This documentary series is for you ! Come and immerse yourself in the lives and kitchens of six gastronomic virtuosos.

🎬 Lost in Frenchlation & Clap Français : will help develop your ear and vocabulary by hosting screening of modern films with English subtitles in independent Parisian movie theaters. 



🖥 Arte : offers you several documentaries on different subjects. By activating the English subtitles you can discover a subject that interests you such as history, science or pop culture while learning French.

🖥 French fairy tales has more than 1000 videos telling different fairy tale stories in French. You will find the story of Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Peter Pan and many more.

🖥 Français avec Pierre : a channel that offers a fun and easy way to learn French, you will find French lessons with French teacher Pierre.

🖥 Learn French with Elsa : Elsa offers you new videos every week. Learn French in a dynamic way with her quizzes and her lives but she also deals with several subjects on the Parisian life such as clichés, slang language, new words of the French language, etc.




🎧 Français avec Pierre : podcasts broadcasted by Pierre, a Frenchman who gives you French lessons, tips and anecdotes about French culture.

🎧 Podcast français facile : educational podcasts with vocabulary lists, dialogues, conjugation lessons, quizzes, etc.

🎧 Balade : follow Isabelle, a French-Swiss woman who tells you stories about life in France through her adventures, her anecdotes and her good tips.

🎧 One thing in a French day : podcasts broadcasted by a French woman on different subjects about everyday life.

🎧 Journal en français facile : offers you a daily 10-minute news in French and at the end of the week, you will find exercises based on a current event.



◼︎ You already have a good level of French and you want to improve your pronunciation, take group lessons or simply   exchange with a native ? Take a look at our offers.

◼︎ Labour law give workers benefits, among which the right to get trained and learn French in Paris. Professional training funded by the state for ALL employees on a French contract.

◼︎ Take French lessons with your CPF or FNE with French As You Like It.