learn French in Paris

Life after Covid? Opening of terraces, what to do in Paris?

Life after Covid? Learn French after Covid ?

Confinement, masks, curfews, distancing, telecommuting… For almost a year, Covid-19 has been disrupting our daily lives and forcing us to reshape our lives and social relationships. Once this health crisis is under control, what will remain of this pandemic? How will life be after Covid?

Before, when we wanted to meet, we armed ourselves with smiles. When we wanted to see each other, the kiss and the handshake was not banned.

Since the use of masks, we lack smiles. In spite of all this, there were smiles this year, many smiles in visio.

Indeed, online education was particularly popular during the lockdown last year and many schools had to change their organization and work methods. With today’s advanced technology, it is much easier for some French students to work from home than to come directly to the school to study.

This way of learning will last in time, as we can observe that even one year later the majority of schools and companies maintain this method and are satisfied with it.The French have set up a flexible work environment that can be adapted to all situations: outdoor sports activities, online courses, telecommuting in the countryside, school in parks, etc.  

Opening of terraces, what to do in Paris?

But the French have only one date to remember : May 19. 

Indeed, it is the day when some restrictions have been lifted like the opening of terraces, shops, shopping malls, museums, cinemas, theaters and the most important point: curfew at 9 pm. 

Yesterday, the French invaded the terraces despite the rainy weather in Paris. The Parisian streets found their dynamism and their good mood again. Some restaurants didn’t have space for everybody. But don’t panic, there’s room for everyone!  Take a look at our selection of terraces below, We are sure you’ll find your dream spot in the sunshine 🙂

Sitting in terraces in the rain and the cold is not your point? No problem, let’s not forget the cinemas and museums are also open. No more Netflix nights, replace them with a quality movie night ! Our cinemas offer you about fifty films, it will be difficult to choose.

For us, it will be more museums and exhibitions, Dalí, Gaudi and Picasso-Rodin reopen their artworks and make us dive into their universe. This universe does not interest you, you are rather street art, the Joêl Knife gallery is made for you ! Between urbanism and art, Katre and Lek make you discover their works. 

The coming weeks are going to be busy for all Parisians; don’t forget to book your tickets for exhibitions and/or cinemas. And if you plan to spend your evenings in terraces to drink with moderation 🙂