How to curse like a French preschooler

Gros Mots French Lesson Cursing in a foreign language can feel weird and really hard to do. At the same time there are those moments in life when it is a useful and necessary skill to have. To build up you French skills, it may be best to start at the beginning as a French person would have. Here are some of the first bad words French children learn from their preschool or nursery classmates.

The next time a Parisian scooter almost runs you over on the sidewalk, don’t stand there in shock. Try calling him a big turd in French. Don’t forget to send us a photo of the surprised look on his face and then run before you get your mouth washed out with soap.

Les Gros mots – Bad words or swear words

Caca boudin – Poo blood sausage

At between the ages of two and three, most French kids have learned this word from a friend or cousin. It is something small children will shout, Caca Boudin!!! for no reason and then fall over laughing at their own hilariousness.  It can be inserted in almost any sentence to make a little kid laugh. Most parents and teachers will actively try to discourage this, which makes it all the funnier to say.

The following are similarly funny and common, but a little less popular than caca boudin. All of these phrases can be used as an insult by themselves (drop the un or une) or as a put down, “Tu es… “

Gros Mots Private French Lesson in ParisUn grand caca – Big turd

Un pipi crotte – Pee pee booger

Une crotte de chien – Dog turd

Un prout du dinosaure – Dinosaur fart

Un caca prout prout – Poo fart fart

Un vieux cornichon – Old pickle (to call someone silly)

Zinzin – Wacky

These last two aren’t used as insult, but are still gros mots.

Prout prout – Fart fart

Example: Est-ce tu veut jouer avec moi? Ah no, prout prout ! / Do you want to play with me ? No way, fart fart !

Prout prout camembert – Fart fart stinky cheese

Example: Tu veut manger mon gâteau? Ah no, ca c’est prout prout camembert / Do you want to eat my cookie? No, it’s gross.

To help you continue building your vocabulary here is a music video about les gros mots and a children’s book about a little boy who has learned lots of these bad words from his three older brothers.

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