Learn French While Biking in Paris

velib-blog-parisIt is fun, practical, and easy to see Paris by bike!

SpeakerIconClick to learn new French vocab! Can you write the words you hear in French?

Vélib’ is the biggest public bicycle sharing system in the world. Run by the Paris Town Hall since 2007, the system has over 20,000 bikes at 1,800 stations around the city. This means 27/7, you can find a bike almost every 300m Paris!

To use a Vélib’, you can buy for a day-pass, week-pass, or yearly-pass. And starting in June, Vélib’ will be running a special on their yearly subscription.

Here are some French verbs to help you get started:

aller se promener ou aller faire un tour = to go for a ride
accélérer = to accelerate
changer de vitesse = to shift gears
rouler  = to roll (along)
ralentir  = to slow down

Interested in learning more, give us a call or contact us to organize French lessons by bike. Photo from Paris.fr website.