Learn Your Colors in a Parisian Park

autumnAt French As You Like It, we are lucky enough to work with all sorts of interesting individuals with all different levels of French. From the professional singer who wants to perfect her accent to the traveling spouse who has just moved to France, we love the challenge of creating French lessons for everyone.

Whether your six or sixty, autumn in Paris is a great time to start learning French. A walk through any of the city’s many parks this time of year is the perfect classroom for learning colors, counting, and action verbs.

leavesMeet your French teacher at an entrance to the Luxembourg Gardens, Parc Monceau, or the large Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. Surrounded by all the beautiful fall foliage, your teacher might start by pointing at a leaf on the ground and telling you, « Cette feuille est rouge ! » The leaf is bright red. Oh yes, it is rouge! Next she may say, « Cette feuille est jaune ! » YELLOW! You understand this color too because the leaf is a magnificent yellow. Suddenly you’re having fun and understand French.

After the colors, your teacher may introduce numbers and action verbs.  «Il ya une feuille verte, Il ya deux feuilles rouges, Il ya trois feuilles brunes, Il ya quatre feuilles oranges, Il ya cinq feuilles rouges… » Now you may think what verbs would I use in a park? Let’s conjugate marcher (to walk), courir (to run), sauter (to jump), and after all this learning how about s’asseoir (to sit). Wow, look at all new things you’ve learned to say and just by doing something you would have done anyway.

Before you know it the class will be over and and don’t be surprised if you find yourself think, who knew learning French could be such a walk in the park!

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Gorgeous photos by Carin Olsson on Paris in Four Months.